Frequently asked questions

In which language does the meeting with the psychologist is performed ?

I offer my psychological assistance services mainly in Polish. Language is a fundamental tool for exchanging information between people. An accurate understanding of language plays a significant role in the course of psychological therapy. The smallest nuances of language, the context, can significantly affect the content conveyed. Culturality is also important, consisting of language and behavioural meanings typical of a given culture. In therapy, often difficult issues are discussed, complex situational connections are made, and a good understanding of language makes it easier to express what we feel and what we want to convey. Therefore, psychological therapy in the mother tongue is most preferred among the people concerned.

How long will I need to see a psychologist to see improvement?

The duration of therapy is a very individual matter and depends on the problem the client is struggling with. Also important, and perhaps most importantly, is the motivation and commitment to change of the client himself. If motivation remains high throughout the course of therapy, improvement is seen very quickly. Note that the therapeutic process itself is often compared to a sinusoid. This means that in the first phase of the encounter the improvement in well-being increases very quickly. Often at this stage, clients drop out of further treatment, quickly followed by a decline and back to square one. That is why it is the best to overcome all crises and doubts, which are natural during therapy, under the guidance of a specialist. Therapy is considered a success when the client is able to apply the new habits, behaviours and ways of thinking in everyday life.